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Alex Fofonoff

Writer & Director

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It Happened One Night at Melody Lanes (Short Film Trailer)
While Mortals Sleep
Seas Too Far To Reach Trailer
Kingdom Coming Trailer
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Alex Fofonoff is a L.A.-based filmmaker who’s always been captivated by the feeling of dread. Despite the risk of nightmares as a kid, he’d watch monster movies late into the night. Growing up in a community theater run by his Mom, his interest eventually turned towards filmmaking where he cultivated this sense of doom in his Civil War era short film Kingdom Coming. He further explored his passion for dread in his cosmic horror short film, While Mortals Sleep, which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. 

His voice in filmmaking, inspired by the New Hollywood movement and arthouse horror, subverts genres and twists reality.

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